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10 Interesting facts about Bill Gates you may not know

Who on the earth doesn’t know Bill Gates ? Everybody knows that the founder of Microsoft is one of the richest persons of the world. However, there are still several things about him, I am sure, many of you don’t know. So, after a couple of minutes digging on the internet, I have extracted some interesting facts about him, which you will definitely like.

1. He has so much wealth, that is beyond the imagination of most of us. 


2. Most of the Indian billionaires can’t even think about this.


3. It took him only 1 year to turn his status from millionaire to billionaire.


4. Hold, Hold ! This is not the thing you should get inspired with …


5. Hamare India mein, 50 ke note mein maamla sulat jaata aur kisi ko kaanokaan khabar bhi nahi hoti. Right ?


6. Indian billionaires need to be inspired by this


7. SAT Score is considered for college admission in the United States.

Interesting facts about Bill Gates

8. Just imagine, how wealthy he is ?

Interesting facts about Bill Gates

9. But his Windows knows almost all languages of the world

Interesting facts about Bill Gates

10. In India, the splurge is necessary to prove yourself a rich. 

Interesting facts about Bill Gates

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