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11 बॉलीवुड अभिनेत्रियाँ जिन्होंने एक्टिंग नहीं अपने ब्रैस्ट के कारण सुर्खियाँ बटोरी

Kim Kardashian, the reality TV star is known for having the exceptional booty and Angelina Jolie for her lips. You want to make it as a famous person, try your best to excel at your field, and then the paparazzi takes five looks at you and determines that your body is more interesting than your body of work. Relating to it, today we will tell you about 10 Bollywood actresses who are famous for having bigger breasts.

1) Ayesha Takia

2) Zarin Khan

3) Rakhi Sawant

4) Vidya Balan

5) Kainaat Arora

6) Sunny Leone

7) Bipasha Basu

8) Sonakshi Sinha

9) Mallika Sherawat

10) Kim Sharma

11. Poonam Pandey

Sometimes a star will have a part of their body that garners so much attention that it’s practically a celebrity in its own right. In honor of this phenomenon, we presented a list of actresses who are famous for their physical attribute.

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