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Hindi Medium Actress Saba Qamar Faced Humiliation At Airport For Being A Pakistani. See Video

There is no denying the fact that Pakistan doesn’t have a good reputation in the world because of its close proximity with terrorists and its involvement in sponsoring terrorism in its neighbouring countries, especially India.

A video of Pakistani actress, Saba Qamar is going viral on the Internet in which she can be seen crying while talking about the embarrassment that he went through at an International airport and that was all because of being a Pakistani.


The Pakistani diva who was last seen in Irrfan Khan starrer “Hindi Medium” narrates an incident which happened at the Tbilisi airport where she went for shooting and all the Indian crew was allowed to leave. However, she was stopped and allowed to go only after they took her interview and completed their investigation.

This is what Saba said,

“When we went to Tbilisi to shoot for a film, all the Indian crew was allowed to go, but I was stopped. It was because of my passport. I was from Pakistan. They did full investigation. They let me go only after an interview. That day I realised is this the respect we have across the globe? Is this our position? Where do we even stand?”

Watch The Video:

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Sometimes, Indian Muslims also have to face such situations. How can we forget the incident when Shah Rukh Khan was detained because of his surname but later on an apology was made to the superstar.

This is an issue on which Pakistan as a nation has to work because until and unless terrorists like Hafeez Saeed are sent behind the bars and get punished for their horrific acts, innocent Pakistanis will keep on suffering.

What do you have to say regarding this? Let us know.

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