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I feel alive again: Divya Dutta on her National Award win!

Divya Dutta is on cloud nine. And why shouldn’t she be? The actress won the Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film Irada at the 65th National Film Awards today (April 13).
This is her first National Award. She released a statement for the media in which she is feeling grateful and the actor in her is alive again.”The actor in me feels alive again and grateful that there is appreciation pouring in. I am overjoyed with the news,” said Divya. She further added, “First, my film Manto going to Cannes Film Festival and then the National Award…I am overwhelmed. After a 100 odd films, this is my first National Award and I am going to treasure this moment. It means the world.”
In Irada, Divya played the role of a minister. The movie also featured Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi. The film was also awarded with the Best Environment Film Award.
Thus, whats the movie (hype) all about? Here’s a short review of it:
Director Aparnaa Singh’s Irada brings us face to face with harsh realities in Punjab. Hundreds of new cases of cancer are being reported every year in the state that is the rice bowl of India and most of them belong to a particular geographical area. Irada suggests the reason behind it could be reverse-boring, a technical term for dumping chemical residuals into the earth.
The narrative revolves around a Good Samaritan’s fight for justice, Irada also talks about systematic corruption or rather the lack of rules to curb it. Divya Dutta’s terrifyingly authoritative CM is more than just grey. She hurls abuses and symbolises political parasites, that want to retain power by hook or crook.
Irada doesn’t intend to be a documentary and thus it narrates the story via Parabjeet Walia (Naseeruddin Shah), a master planner whose daughter is in the severe grips of cancer. The political hierarchy, spearheaded by razor-tongued chief minister Ramandeep Braitch (Divya Dutta), behaves like the proverbial ostrich in the sand and is only concerned about the donations it gets from the pharmaceutical mafia.
The movie is crafted along the lines of A Wednesday trying to give it a feel of a thriller. But it seems as though it lacks the initial momentum and also throughout the film, many sub-stories cross paths and the grip on the central theme is lost. Probably because it has a lady protagonist? It is easy to empathize with her crusade, but the film could have generated more suspense and “gumpshun” if the protagonist wasn’t a woman.

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