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Jet Airways’ Pilot Couple Fight Mid Flight & Put Safety At Risk. Sources Say He Slapped Her

Bizarre incidents keep happening in flights these days, but what we are going to report today is something you must have not expected.

324 passengers on a Jet Airways flight from London to Bombay were saved from a tragedy, thanks to the fight between the Captain and his co-pilot. Guess they had a war of words, which led to him hitting her.

The argument turned so violent that she broke down in tears and left from the cockpit. Passengers who witnessed this fight were shocked.

As per sources in the regulatory body, the license of the pilot has been cancelled and both of them have been grounded. Of course, this step was bound to be taken, as many lives were risked. Sources also say that the pilot literally slapped her, which left her in tears. Later, when she realized the amount of embarrassment caused, she returned to the cockpit.

Sources say that passengers are ready to support her in case she demands legal action. On the other hand, Jet Airways’ spokesperson says that it was simply a misunderstanding and was solved soon.

Someone shared it on Twitter;

And this is how Twitter reacted;

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Not a good place!


Were they married?

Hope this doesn’t get repeated in future. Afterall, the safety of passengers is questioned here.

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