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Mother & Child Take Seats While Nanny Is Sitting On Floor Inspite Of Delhi Metro Being Empty

We say we live in the 21st century and have modernized but the truth is that most of the people in our country are still stuck in the old dark world. There are many people who are still concerned about classes, categories and discriminate others as per the set standards.

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In our country, it doesn’t take a lot of efforts to spot the discrimination. You will find it almost everywhere as it’s so common that people don’t even care about it and have adjusted accordingly.

A Twitter user recently shared a pic in which she tried to show the discriminations system that prevails in our country. The picture was clicked in Delhi Metro and it shows a lady with her small child sitting on the seat while the nanny of the child sits on the floor. This is the sight when there’s enough space available on the seat. Have a look-

Seen in Delhi metro: Mother and child take seats while the child’s nanny sits on the floor on a fairly empty train. Caste/class discrimination really is space-agnostic.

You can also check the picture below-

Soon after she posted the pic, it went viral and reactions started pouring in. Have a look at some of them-









What are your thoughts on this?

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