1. A meal planning and recipe website that allows users to search for recipes based on dietary restrictions and ingredient availability. Users could also create meal plans, save their favorite recipes, and generate shopping lists.
  2. A workout planner and tracking website that allows users to create personalized workout plans and track their progress. Users could also share their workout plans and progress with friends, and connect with personal trainers for advice.
  3. An online marketplace for handmade goods. The website could allow artisans and craftsmen to sell their unique and handmade items, such as jewelry, clothing, and home decor.
  4. A website that connects people who want to carpool to work or events. Users could create profiles and search for carpool partners based on location and schedule.
  5. A website that connects volunteers with local organizations in need of assistance. Users could search for volunteer opportunities based on their interests and skills, and track the hours they’ve spent volunteering.
  6. A website that offers affordable online therapy and counseling services. Users could search for therapists based on their needs and preferences, and have therapy sessions over video chat or phone.
  7. A website that provides an online platform for renting, buying and selling storage space. This can help individual or businesses who are looking for additional storage, but don’t have the space or are looking for an alternative to traditional self-storage.
  8. A website that offers virtual tours of different places around the world, such as historical sites, museums, and natural wonders. Users could experience different cultures and landmarks from the comfort of their own home, and even plan trips to visit them in person.
  9. A website that offers online classes and tutorials for learning a new skill. From cooking to coding, from gardening to playing a musical instrument, this website can provide a wide range of classes taught by experts in their fields.
  10. A website that aggregates and curates news stories from a variety of sources, and presents them in a personalized and easy-to-digest format. Users could customize their feed to see news stories about topics that interest them, and also save and share stories.

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